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Mobility and accessibility aids and accessories do more than just help you get around. You’ll improve your balance, walking and posture while maintaining your independence and staying on your feet.

Mobility and accessibility aids

Our products:

  • Canes, including single point and quad canes
  • Crutches, both standard and forearm
  • Lift chairs
  • Rollators
  • Scooters and scooter accessories
  • Side steppers
  • Transport chairs
  • Walkers, including
  • U-Step walkers

Our wheelchair products:

  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Power wheelchairs
  • Batteries
  • Oxygen tank attachments
  • Other wheelchair accessories

We offer these patient lifts:

  • Get Up lifts
  • Hoyer lifts
  • Sit to stand lifts

Mobility and accessibility accessories

Our products:

  • Cane grippers
  • Cane holder attachments for walkers
  • Cane and crutch tips
  • Crutch pads and hand grips
  • Laser lights for
  • U-Step walkers
  • Walker bags, organizers and trays
  • Walker cup holders
  • Walker forearm attachments (rentals available)
  • Walker glide caps

Products vary by location.

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